Antony Gibb



States of Jersey


St Helier, Jersey

Fort Regent Heritage Impact Statement

Fort Regent is the most complete late Georgian fort in the Channels Islands. During the 1970s the States of Jersey converted the semi-abandoned buildings for use as a leisure centre, building a swimming pool on the Glacis Field and a dramatic wave-form roof and rotunda over the parade ground.

Although the covered parade ground is still used as a concert venue and sports centre, the swimming pool has closed and the cable cars that brought visitors from St Helier to the East Outworks have not been used for years. Decay of the fabric of the pool and cable-car station is resulting not only in a maintenance problem, but also vandalism. States of Jersey Property Holdings has concluded that refurbishment is not viable and an application for removing both structures has been submitted by BDK Architects. We have provided a Heritage Impact Assessment for the works, based on our knowledge of the site: Antony Gibb wrote a Conservation Plan for the whole fort in 2004-06.

The removal of decaying structures can only improve the fort’s appearance, and will also clear the decks for any future development, whatever that may be.