Antony Gibb
Heritage Conservation

Archirondel Tower

Archirondel Tower is a Jersey round tower (also known as Conway Towers, after Henry Seymour Conway, Governor of Jersey 1772-95), one of 23 built around Jersey between 1778 and 1801. It was one of the later towers, completed in 1794 and is unique in that it is larger than those built earlier, with larger loopholes […]

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Historic Building Conservation
16.03.15 | ,

Term Consultant

Our term consultancy to Jersey Heritage was renewed for a further 3 years in February 2015. We provide planning, architectural and repair advice to the organisation. Jersey Heritage runs the island’s museums service and is responsible for the maintenance of the island’s principle historic monuments, including Mont Orgueil Castle, Elizabeth Castle and La Hougue Bie […]

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